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Seal watching at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire

A chance to get up close to a Seal colony

October 2018

Every year on this windswept bit of coast something very special happens. Normally this beach is so desolate that it is used for training RAF pilots but in Autumn a colony of more than 2,000 Grey Seals pulls itself up onto the beach. By the time they leave there are another 1,500 young seal pups in the colony.

The seals have come here to give birth, wean their pups then mate before disappearing back into the sea for anoher year. The fluffy white Seal pups spend 3-4 weeks on the beach before they return to the sea.

Donna Nook is just over an hour away by car. Parking is available in a field and it is a short walk to the viewing area on the beach. For further details check the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website.

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A cute fluffy pup
The Grey Seal Pups are white and fluffy

A Grey Seal with her pup
A Grey Seal mother and Pup at Donna Nook

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